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**Book 1 Always $0.99!**
The entire - completed - NEED Series
Complete Novels within a Series - no cliffhangers w/ a HEA!

–––– The NEED SERIES––––






I Need You Forever - Need #5
The FINAL Need Book!  A standalone within a series w/ a HEA! 


Jackson Lombardi was a force to be reckoned with, an alpha extreme, perfect for Robin Patrick's submissive nature.  At least she could forget about her past, for a while, and enjoy the pleasures of today – knowing that an eternity would never be possible with someone who couldn’t love her as long as he held onto the memories of his wife or could it?

What he Needs is the promise of forever, but can he finally let go of the past and open his heart to the idea of new love?



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Current Works in Progress:

The Prescott family's story is complete with the final book of Need.  But you'll still get sneak peaks of how they're doing through a new spin off series called Titan Security, with the first book featuring Derrick Caldwell, the head of security for Mr. Prescott.  The Titan Series will feature some of the background characters mentioned in the Need Series, but the focus will be on some of the new Titan Security Team members, as they seek their own HEA.  The first book will be called, Derrick's Choice and has the prologue featured at the end of the final Need book, I Need You Forever.  The next book will be Jonas's Redemption, currently in progress!  Coming in August 2017. 

I Need You Always - always $0.99:

Can she hold up to the control he craves in life, especially in love? Can she let go of her own hang-ups and submit to him?  

Only time will tell if she can be everything he Needs!

What to read after Fifty Shades of Grey?  Give A Learning Series a try!  - Several books are currentlyFREE on Kindle Unlimited for a limited time.

Learning to Trust - Book 1
Learning to Let Go - Book 2
Learning to Love Again - Book 3
Learning to Move Forward - Book 3.5 (a novella)

Here's a little about who I am:

I grew up in South Florida and moved to Central Florida to attend college.  I married my friend, love, and soul mate and still reside in the area with our amazing son, and a feisty, four-legged little boy.  

In my books, I draw on my background in healthcare, business, and science, along with my husband’s engineering knowledge. 
I currently write on all levels of Romance, from tame and swoon-worthy (with elements of the paranormal and historical) to off the charts steamy and erotic (with a touch of suspense).  

If you're all for swoon and abstract, give the Remembrance Series a try. 

For the more seductive crowd, A Learning Series and Need Series will be right up your alley.                

I try to make my writing very personal and close to her heart. Regular life is the inspiration for my books, but I'm only limited by imagination taking ideas to new heights, opening up possibilities that would normally not exist. 

On a more personal note...I love to cook and create in the kitchen and on the bbq grill.  I sometimes lose myself in a song at the piano.  I often sing with my son while we are driving or making dinner together.  I enjoy crafts (flower arranging, making wreaths, painting pottery, needle point and drawing in pencil and charcoals).   My music tastes are eclectic at best, ranging from classical piano music to hard rock/heavy metal.  It all depends on the song, group, and if it has a good beat or is a soulful ballad. 

Keep checking back...I may add some details from time to time. ;-)

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